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Known as “The Flower Town of Canada” since four dozen cut-flower businesses cropped up during the 19th-Century; Brampton grew into Ontario’s “Flower City” through business diversification and forward-thinking incentive policies that attract investors. Canada’s ninth-largest city, and the GTA’s third-largest; Brampton is in Peel Region, just north of Mississauga, Ontario, and one of 29 municipalities comprising the GTA. Brampton is also the first GTA city to be designated as a World Health Organization International Safe City, one of only 16 in North America.

A 45-minute drive northwest of downtown Toronto, Brampton’s highly desirable southern Ontario location allows the area to consistently thrive as an incubator of economic growth. Air, rail, highway and public transportation networks are among the best for accessibility to markets, reflected in the dominant manufacturing hub. Brampton commercial real estate investors benefit from both proximity to the local GTA trading area of tens of millions, and from easy access to international trading markets, with Toronto Pearson International Airport just 20 minutes away — a convenient proximity for the nearly 700 Brampton companies exporting to over 90 countries around the globe annually. Excellent square foot and per acre resale prices continue to fuel Brampton’s commercial real estate market.

Canadian business behemoths Hudson Bay Company, Loblaws, Bacardi, Velcro and Air Canada have each located their national headquarters in Brampton, Ontario. International investors, too, find the streets of Brampton equally inviting as a Foreign Direct Investment strategy. Announced in fDi Magazine; the Financial Times’ (UK) division known as fdi Intelligence ranked Brampton among the “Top 10 Mid-Sized American Cities of the Future 2015/16,” and placed the oncemodest Flower Town in the Top 10 for “Business Friendliness and Connectivity.” Despite high demand from major corporations and a city known for its growth-friendly policies; new office construction lags behind, making existing structures even more desirable in this highgrowth marketplace. In contrast, Statistics Canada ranks Brampton’s thriving industrial construction activity as third in the GTA and fourth in Canada, rising from its ninth position of the previous year. A look at 2015 Industrial Building Sales > provides a snapshot of growth and expanding potential for commercial real estate investment in the City of Brampton. According to the 2016 Canada Census, Brampton enjoyed more than a 13% population growth in the preceding five years, whereas the country’s overall population grew by just 5% over the same period. During the preceding 20 years, however, Brampton’s population swelled at even higher rates annually, indicating that development is no longer keeping pace with demand amid unabated area desirability.

With a median age of approximately 35, a 50% immigrant population, and an average annual household income of about $93,000, apartment communities currently account for 22% of Brampton’s housing stock. A snapshot of the city’s most recent overall economic indicators shows good growth, low unemployment rates, and a very respectable industrial vacancy rate of 3.9%.





Positioning itself as “a competitive location for new business investment, a strategy fundamental to the City’s Economic Development Plan,” Brampton undertakes to partner with investors and to provide a cooperative climate, helping to ensure mutual success in long-range planning and profitability.

Investor satisfaction earned the Brampton Economic Development Office (BEDO) accolades from the Economic Developers Council of Ontario, which conferred recognition Awards on BEDO’s wellexecuted Brampton Economic Development Map and to its Four-Year International Business Development and Marketing Plan 2015-2018. Few areas offer such an attractive investor support infrastructure, along with steady population growth, as is found in the City of Brampton.

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